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Q: How was the milk brand conceived?


The brand derives of the initials of the first name and the surname of Jovanovska Katerina, who is the daughter of the owner of the milk factory.

Q: What is milk pasteurisation?


Pasteurisation represents a technological process of thermic treatment of milk at a temperature lower than 100 °С. With this process all microorganisms that can harm the human health are destroyed and also this product provides the product health and safety.

Q: What is homogenisation?


The milk fat which consist in the milk has a shape of globulin, namely drops with size of around 20 µm. Homogenisation represents a procedure of reducing the size of milk fat drops for the purpose of achieving greater milk stability and consistence.
The size of the milk fat drops after the homogenisation is reduced to 1-5 µm. The homogenised milk is with intense white colour, strong taste and the milk fat cannot be observed on the milk surface.

Q: Is every product produced within the milk factory are homogenised?


Every product produced within the milk factory is pasteurised and homogenised.

Q: From where the milk factory acquires its raw milk?


Mlekara acquires the raw milk from the Strumica region and as well as from the Prilep - Bitola region.

Q: Does the milk factory produce only cow cheese?


The production of white brined cheese from cow milk is made in traditional way and only from cow milk without any additions deriving from vegetables.

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