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    We have produced yoghurt, an excellent source of everything an organism needs, for true lovers of milk based products.

    The high percentage of dry matter and the optimal amount of fat make this product a recommendable nutritious product. The ratio of albumins and fat, and the content of microelements and vitamins make it an ideal food for children, athletes, sick persons and for all those with an increased physical activity.

    Due to the balanced sour taste and density, it is a beverage recommended for breakfast, between meals but also in times of extreme tiredness and exhaustion.

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    The whole milk is produced from the most quality pasteurized milk, which preserves its taste and aroma thanks to the traditional processing.

    It is a remarkable food product due to the fat percentage higher than 45% the larger of which consists of unsaturated fatty acids. It is a wonderful source of calcium as well as of others microelements.

    The amounts of vitamins A and B as well as the fact that it is easily digested make it a product recommendable for children, elderly persons, athletes but also for all those wanting to have a healthy diet.

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    The cow cultured milk, which we produce from pasteurized milk, is a true specialty.

    Produced according to the taste of the buyers, one can consume it as an individual product or as an addition to salads, dishes or different kinds of bakers' wares. It is abounds in albumins and recommended fat.

    The high calorific value as well as the remarkable nutritious values make it a recommendable product for all consumers.

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    We have produced ayran for all those nostalgic people who zealously talk about buttermilk as refreshment, food and a salve for hot days, a drink which invigorates and revitalizes.

    A skimmed product created by lactic acid fermentation of pasteurized milk. An incredible food and drink abounding with albumins. It is recommended for those who do not wish to deprive themselves from milk and dairy products which are a compulsory part of modern weight reduction diets.

    It is a true cure for the digestive micro flora thanks to the content of lactic acid bacteria. An exceptional product for people who pay attention to their weight or for those with gastrointestinal tract problems, but also for those leading a healthy life style and maintaining a healthy diet.

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    Of course, we save the best for last. We introduce Belasica Mountain and all of its beauties you treasure in your hearts.

    The moment you taste the fresh pasteurized milk you think of the beautiful nature, you feel the smell of flowers and hear the murmur of the Koleshino and Smolare waterfalls.

    You will feel Belasica's scented wind. Our pasteurized milk is healthy and tasty; milk for the body and soul, milk for the years to come.

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