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The milk factory was established on 29 April 1993 and is one of the first private milk factories in the region.

During all these years we have been applying the most up-to-date technologies and machines for milk processing, which has significantly increased the capacity of the milk factory. Using hard work and dedication and focusing on the quality above all, we have developed a wide range of fermented products, as well as cheese, for which the buyers have shown great interest thanks to their traditional origin and notable taste.

Our cooperants have greatly contributed to this. They have established a foundation for pure and quality raw materials from which 7.000 liters of milk are produced in our factory on a daily basis.

The cooperation among the cooperants, the milk factory and our buyers aiming at quality and healthy product has been additionally increased and strengthened due to the implementation of international quality standards, such as HACCP, which we implemented in 2006.

Nowadays, the milk factory produces around ten products, mainly from the liquid products program, such as cultured milk, yoghurt, fresh pasteurized milk as well as ayran. A part of the milk is used for the solid products program, especially for the cow brined cheese. All of these products are placed on the domestic market where they constitute a significant part of the dairy industry.

The basic goal of the owner and the employees of the milk factory is to have their products with an indisputable quality present in each home in our country, as well as outside its borders by keeping track of global trends, an increase in the capacity and an even more advanced production using new machines and technologies.

Address: Gligor Novakov 26 Strumica (Industriska zona Sever)
Phone: 034/346-101
Fax: 034/344-101
e-mail: joka@t-home.mk

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