JOKA Dairy started working on April 29, 1993 and is among the first private dairies in the region.

Over the years, we have been following and applying the latest milk processing technologies and machines, which has greatly increased the capacity of the dairy. With diligent and dedicated work with an emphasis on quality, we have developed a wide range of dairy fermented products as well as cheese, which on the market attracts customers who want a traditional and recognisable taste.

A considerable contribution to this have our suppliers, who are our base for pure and high quality raw materials, and from them 7000 liters of milk are coming into our dairy every day.

The trust between the suppliers, the dairy and our buyers for a high quality and healthy product, has been further enhanced and strengthened by the implementation of international quality standards such as the HACCP, for which we have been certified already in 2006

Today, the dairy produces around a dozen products, mostly from the liquid program, such as soured milk, yoghurt, sour cream, fresh pasteurised milk as well as ayran. Also, some of the milk is usef for the solid program, such as cow’s brined cheese. All of these products are placed on the domestic market, in which we have a significant share when it comes to the dairy industry.

The main goal of the owner and all the employees of Joka Dairy is, through following the world’s trends, to work on increasing the capacity, to contribute to greater improvement of the production by applying new machinery and technologies, and to make the Joka products be of undeniable quality and present on every table in our country, as well as outside of it.